Thursday, June 08, 2017

Ocean Of Darkness~

I try to sleep
  listening to the wind brushing
through the boughs outside
Death-like…. the night moves by
 Mind racing with past nightmares
      swish through the soothing silence.

I catch the ferry-boat moon,    
Sleep comes with a shush shush shush…
 Dapples, yet another unwelcoming drown.

The fur of the moonlight 
Draws me to the same underwater Café
Filled with bottom-of-the-ocean blues…

Oh, the beautiful table in coral
      pricks my eyes,    many
Strobe in neon hues swim in…

The coffee that I order
      comes floating through the water at me,
But, the color? Alas! It's black as squid ink, once again!

 I wake up, gasping. and switch on the TV
Far away in Andaman sea, there was a tsunami a few hours ago.
Waves crashed, bodies of human, seals, egrets rose

Water coiled back from the mounds of sand, 
The clouds dispersed; a chapter closed. But,
all left me reeling under an ocean of blackness,.. fatigued.

Wonder, how dream manifests into premonition!

There are unfathomable disasters that cost thousands of lives, and yet some people claim that they have premonitions that foretell these catastrophic events. Are they real, I wonder. 
A Fantasy... not real